Matte Black BMW M4 GTS


I’m going to get the sticky stuff out of the way first – namely that fact that this is a Matte Black BMW M4 that costs over $130,000 USD. Over double the price of a standard one. Not only is it sold based on its nearing 500 hp, water cooled injection system and other racing goodies, it also quite exclusive. Only 700 are available worldwide. Own one and your owner’s club meetings will be very exclusive and that’s what Instagram famous @Carnucopia was going for!


After completing the F80 M3 that broke the internet in 2016 (displayed here), @Carnucopia has moved on and set his sights on the BMW M4 GTS. With one of the fastest growing personal car profiles in on social media, @Carnucopia has set the benchmark for BMW tuning with his own flare and we were happy to help.


Fortunately, we had the chance, once again, to push the boundaries of design and create a truly remarkable wheel set that tied in the Matte Black and BMW Acid Orange accents of the car. After weeks of deliberation, we settled on running the Brixton Forged R10D Duo Series with an aggressive 20×9.5 front and 21×11.5 rear finished in brushed Smoke Black (Gloss Clear) with PVD Black Titanium hardware and Acid Orange accents.


For more information, please email / or call 076 246 13 37

Wheel Specifications:


Wheel Style: R10D
Configuration: 2-Piece
Front: 20×9.5
Rear: 21×11.5
Finish Face: Brushed Smoke Black
+ 50/50 Titanium Hardware
+ Acid Orange Accents

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